Friday, June 27, 2008

Late Breaking News....

Since my post this morning I have learned about yet another great Sunshine Girl creation. You have GOT to get this! Monica of mgl Scraps is offering her first ever grab bag and it is CHOCK FULL of awesome goodies (yes, I've seen it...and yes it WILL be mine)!!! And get this ... it's only $3!!! GO! GRAB IT!! It's only here for a limited time and then everything is full price!!

You haven't forgotten about Sunshine Wonder Week have you? We have been getting some fantastic entries for all the challenges and we have some games that have yet to begin! "Pick your favorite product" will start today and you might even win your favorite kit! Tomorrow is BINGO and "Smile, you got RAKed" and you never know who might win those! We still have the Wonder Wordart, Wonder Quote, and Pimp my Page, and the QP Olympics challenges for you too. Come join the fun.

Just watch the Sunshine Wonder Week forum and the SUN blog
to see when all the new games begin!

I also have to add that Shawn just added the greatest boy kit to the store. I just love it so I have to show it to you :)

And there is even a cool alpha and glitter!!!!

And on a personal note I'd like to share that I am now the Mommy of an official Kindergarten graduate! Where did the time go???

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Sunshine Wonder Week is finally here! And with it comes some really great challenges!
Would you like to see the schedule of events?

And do you see that challenge up there that says Wonder Quote Challenge? That's mine. So I really hope you come and participate. Make this Wonder Girl smile, OK? And while you are there join all the other challenges too...we have worked hard on this and there are a lot of great prizes to be had too!
We even have a daily download going on..but you need to be quick and get it before it's gone. So visit the Sunshine Studios Blog for more information and to find the daily download. Because we all know how great Freebies are, right?

Friday, June 20, 2008

I am so excited to announce that Sunshine Studio Scraps is having a designer call!!!!

Sunshine Wonder Week and a Freebie

Are you as excited about Sunshine Wonder Week as we Wonder Girls are? I sure hope so. We have been hard at work trying to make sure you have fun stuff to do and lots of goodies to win. In fact, my fellow Wonder Girl Jen and I were so hard at work that we went a little too far when we made the papers for The Missing Bit's 'n Pieces of Yesterday. And rather than see them go to waste we decided that our mistake is your gain! You will find my extra papers here and then please head over to Jen's blog to download hers too. Enjoy your freebie :)

There is so much more in store for you during Sunshine Wonder Week which starts Sunday. Make sure to visit the Sunshine Studio Blog and you may find a lot more pieces like this! And please don't forget to visit Jen's blog to get the other two great papers that never made it into The Missing Bit's 'n Pieces of Yesterday.

And one last thing for today. I wanted to show you the adorable signatures that Wonder Girl Ale and her husband made for all of us Wonder Girls. Thanks again, Ale!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's better to cheer a person up?

It's been a rough week in my house and it's had me feeling a little down. So I decided to cheer myself up. And there is no better way to find a cheap giggle than with a few LOLCats!! So I thought I would share a few that amused me and maybe I can amuse you too.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

And BTW...I made it to the speed scrap again this week. That's 3 weeks in a row! They really are fun!! Here is what I did.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Do you want to party with the Sunshine Wonder Girls?

Starting on Sunday June 22 the Wonder Girls of Sunshine Studio Scraps are throwing one big week-long party to celebrate the SUN collab kit Missing Yesterday. There will be games, challenges, and tons of prizes! No one who participates will go home empty handed! If you missed our Grand Opening than this is your chance to experience it all again.

And while you are there you might consider picking up these awesome boxes that mgl Scraps just added to her store. What an awesome deal at $3 each or $5 for the set!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Don't you love the word SALE?

I know I do. And guess what? Another of our great designers at SUN is having one. Kristi has put her whole store on sale for Father's Day. A Father's Day present for us Mom's!!! Gotta love that!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I love Speed Scrapping.

I made it to the speed scrap, Yay! I was so glad it was moved to Wednesday night so I could attend. Tuesdays are tough. This was a little bit more challenging than last weeks, but it's so fun to try and make your mind work in a slightly different way. Wanna see what I did?

All papers from Ellie Lash's Adam Kit
Stars, Button and Date Tag are also from Adam kit
Alpha is from Britt-ish Designs
Flowers are from lliella Candy Picnic

Journaling reads:
I was washing dishes while you
watched television and every few
minutes I would check on you. I
checked on you once and you were
not on the couch where you belonged.
After a quick search I discovered
that the door to my bedroom was
shut. I barged in expecting you
to be up to no good and there you
were. Curled up in bed with your
sister’s blanket, your binky, and
a bottle of water. You heard me
come in and looked up and all you
said was “NAP"! You had gotten
tired of waiting for me to finish the
dishes and climbed in the crib and
put yourself down for a nap.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ooh, so much to say!

Wow, things have been so busy and there is so much to post but so little time. I've done quite a few layouts and haven't posted a single one ::sigh::

But first I promised someone I would tell a little story on my blog at the first chance I got. And this would be the first chance :)

I walked out my front door a few weeks ago to find a bird nest right next to my door on the light. I mean, it's so low and close to the door I can just reach right into it if I want. One day I realized that Mommy Robin was getting a little worked up when I came in and out so I decided to take a picture inside the nest and see if there were any eggs. Well, I found more than eggs...I found a few little birdies already hatched.
I decided to try and take pictures of them each day until they flew away. Here's one of my cute is this!! Oh, and you can see just how close to the door it is in this one as well as the damage that the parents did to my door somehow.

And here's where the story gets good. I never knew just how fast baby birds grow! It was insane, one day they just hatched and it wasn't even a week later before they were gone. Sunday morning, as we headed out to yet another event I opened the door and held it so that both kids could step out. As I went to walk out behind them I suddenly saw something come at me and then it was all just a big blur of feathers flapping franticly in my face (say THAT 5 times fast!). Yup...I admit it...I screamed! You'd scream too if there was a sharp beak in the same vicinity as your eyes, I guarantee! All I could think was "Uh Oh, Mama bird finally snapped!!!" So when all the flapping died down (both mine and the birds!) I look down and there at my feet is one of the babies! It decided to fly the nest right into my face!!! And's in my house. It can't fly well yet (obviously) so it try to fly-hop up stairs. So now I'm trying to beat it up the stairs to close the door while yelling "CAT!!!!" as if the bird will understand! Phew! Door closed! But now I'm in quite a situation. I'm now late for Childrens Day and my daughter is obligated to be there. She has been practicing her songs for 8 weeks and has a solo speech at the end. But I have a BIRD in my house who has now "flown" off the stairs and is hiding behind a pile of books. In the end, I hesitantly make the decision to deal with the bird when church lets out. I just hope that when I come home I can still find it!

So we get to church late but she gets to sing and do her speech. I rush her through coffee hour and get home to tackle the task of saving this bird. I don't want to touch it because it's been said that Mama won't come back for her if I do. I don't know if it's true but I won't chance it...I'm attached to these little ones now. I have a plan in mind...a pillowcase seems like my best bet to not touch it and not let it hurt itself trying to escape. When I got home here is what I found...
It had wedged itself in a pile of totes and wasn't hurt...but it couldn't move. Seriously? That's just too easy! I slowly and carefully slid the totes outside and very very carefully pulled the tote it was sitting on and the top out so that in the end baby bird was sitting nicely on top of the tote in the middle of the yard for Mama to find, scared but seemingly unharmed.
I kinda miss them now :(

Alright...down to business now. Get this, one of my favorite designers, Ellie Lash, tagged me. Can't ignore that tag can I? *LOL*

So, 7 Random or Weird facts about me.

1. I hate tomatoes but I love ketchup and salsa. How's that for random?

2. I cannot say no to my Grandmother. Whatever that woman needs all she has to do is call. I'm such a Grandma's girl! *L*

3. In real life I am actually somewhat introverted. I get very nervous in crowds where I don't know people. You can't tell that by how I can't shut up in the forums though :)

4. I'm highly allergic to penicillin ... so please keep it away *L*

5. I make a mean veggie lasagna.

6. I wish I had listened to my father and taken the $20,000 he spent on my wedding and put it toward a house instead. This is probably the only time you'll hear me say he was right *L*

7. I am distantly related to 2 famous people. Jackie Gleason and Adolphus Busch (one of the founders of Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association)

And speaking of Ellie....did you know that she made the prize for the speed scrap at ScrapMatters tonight. I'll be should be too.

And in the spirit of sharing details about myself I'd like to share a layout I did and then I'll leave you alone and let you stop reading....

Everything from Flergs and mglscraps What Dreams May Come
Except the pen which is from Ronna Penner at (express yourself kit)
Font is Halcyon

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

QP Olympics!

Are you ready for the Wonder Girls first official challenge? I know we are. We are excited to invite you to participate in the first of our monthly QP Olympics. Every month we will be featuring a new kit. Your job will be to use that kit to create a Quickpage and upload it to the QP Olympics thread. At the end of the challenge you will receive the whole set of QPs from all participants!

This month we are proud to be using Moon Scraps Nirvana kit. And what a cool kit this is! And to make this deal even better we have a coupon code for you to get it for 20% off too! Just enter the code qpolympics after you add this to your cart. We hope you will join us and make this a huge success.

Friday, June 6, 2008

It's a WONDER-ful feeling . . .

If you read my blog at all you realize I have a few sites that I just adore. And one of those is Sunshine Studio! I just adore the people there and I mean come on...the designers seriously rock! So just imagine how excited I was when I received a PM from Vasco asking me if I wanted to be a member of the newly forming Wonder Girls! It's a small group of girls dedicated to helping out the Sunshine Gang with various tasks. I'm so excited to see what this has in store for me. And check it out ... Flergs made us all official badges ::giggle::

And speaking of how awesome the SUN designers are ... have you seen the latest Collaboration kit yet? It is so BEAUTIFUL. And as always with this gang ... it is huge. Over 40 papers and more than 50 elements with a full alpha too! It's called Missing Yesterday and you will not be disappointed.

And Franziska added a beautiful kit you just have to see too. It's called Charmed Meadow. I just love the colors.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I have no clue what to use first!

I got so many new kits this weekend that I almost feel overwhelmed! I don't know which great kit to scrap with first. I did use a few of them during the grand opening for the challenges. And I was excited last night when my husband got called out on a service call right around the time that ScrapMatters SpeedScrap started. I had wanted to attend one but it was alway scheduled for a time that my husband was home, and since that time is rare I try to get my scrap obsessed butt off the computer and spend it with him. So last night I got to attend one guilt free, YEAH! And one of my new kits worked great. Here is what I ended up with. It's quite fun and very challenging too.

Template by Simply Sarah Designs
Papers and Alpha from Ellie's Adam kit
Frame is my own - Dani's Delusions
Button is from Iliella's Moonica and friends
Font is Journal

So, you wanna see what I ended up with? It's a lot! First I went to the store the first day and took advantage of the 30% storewide sale and my GC I had won.


And then, as if that wasn't enough ... it bugged me that I really wanted Grasshopper Kisses or What Dreams May Come. I guess I needed a Flergs fix or something. So I went back the next morning and picked up ...

And I am SO glad I did because it just so happens that Monica picked that invoice number to RAK with another GC! So I also got ....

And let's not forget that today is the Scavenger Hunt at ScrapOrchard and Sunshine Studios! So I got this big Collab as well!

So, do I have a ton of awesome stuff to work with now or WHAT! Now I get to go to some more challenges. I'm way behind at Hummie's and I want to do the new WordArt challenge at SUN too.


Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun times at Sunshine Studio Scraps

The Sunshine Gang had there Grand Opening this weekend and despite a few setbacks, like explosions, nope...not even kidding, it has been a blast. What was supposed to be just the first of the month has turned into a 3 day event *L*. The Challenges were extended through Tuesday evening and the Scavenger Hunt for the newest Collab with not only the Sunshine Gang but Scrap Orchard too had to be moved to Wednesday in the hopes that SO will be back up and running. I had set the money that my MIL gave me for Mother's Day aside for the store opening and I'm glad I did. I had also won a gift certificate to Polka Dot Plum's portion of the store in a challenge. I ended up with 6 kits, a paper pack, and a CU texture pack yesterday. And then it was driving me nuts that I decided not to buy What Dreams May Come and I went back and got that this morning too *L*. So anyway, here are a few of the layouts I got done thanks to these new kits and all the awesome challenges.

The first is just for fun. The resident prankster over there is Monica from mgl scraps. So they decided to let us make her an angel for the day. Here was my entry.

Paper from Strawberry Buttercreme - Polka Dot Plum
Glitter Alpha from Flergs

And this was from the Scraplift Challenge. I scraplifted Crystals Silly Boy.
Background Paper, curled ribbon, and letter a - Deacon Closet - Flergs
Frame is mine - Dani's Delusions
Flowers from petit moineaux
Stitches from Monicas portion of Walking on Sunshine
Paperstrips from Polka Dot Plum's Fern Gully except the blue strip from Ellie's Adam kit.
F and L - both from Easter Collab
M - Amy Rockwell - back in black
I -Festival by Shabby Princess
Y - doodle alpha from Julie. It is.

And here's my favorite....from the Wordart Challenge

Paper and Elements from Lliella's (Allie's) Candy Picnic Kit.
Some actions used from the Walking on Sunshine kit.
Font for "tree writing" is Journal

I LOVE that kit. And the sister kit Moonica and Friends is equally as awesome if not even more so!