Friday, October 31, 2008

You want what? ANOTHER freebie? got it! I have the honor of being one of the girls to get my hands on the gorgeous collab Bubblicious by mgl Scraps and Ellie Lash. You can find this kit starting today at Scrapbook Graphics. Because Ellie Lash is one of the newest designers at SBG! And to show you how gorgeous this kit is several of Monica and Ellies CT members got together and made QPs for you. After you download mine just head on over to visit Debbie's blog "Musings of a Scattered Scrapper" and grab the next beautiful QP!

Wanna see the kit first?

Here is my QP (image is clickable), I hope you like it :) I left you plenty of room for a title too.

And here is what it looks like with a photo...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Enter If You Dare....Mwahahaha.....

It's freebie time again!!! And Sunshine Studio Scraps designers have teamed up with several of Scrap Orchards designers to create a fun and safe Trick or Treat neighborhood for you. And unlike that other trick or treating you can stay nice and toasty in your own home :)

So step right up and knock on my door. And when you are done please visit my neighbor Allie at Lliella Designs blog and see what kind of candy she has for you! Just don't forget...the designers are from all over the world and if a link isn't up then it will be soon. These links will be up for a long time so don't worry about missing out on any of the goodies we have planned for you :)

Door graphic created using Midnight Pumpkin by Julie. Itis. at PDW!

Oh, and one last thing before you go. I just heard about a FANTASTIC sale coming up and I just HAD to tell you about it. I'm sure that if you had visited my blog before then you realize how I love the designs by Monica at mgl Scraps. Well, check this out!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DSD Sale at SUN!

You knew the awesome designers at SUN would never let DSD pass without a sale right? But did you know it would be this good?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I was digging through the secret files....

So I was bored and decided to go rummaging around the files at SUN tonight. Guess what I found! Now, I'll show you ... but you can't go telling anyone about it OK? Alright, alright...I guess you can tell all those awesome designers you know all about it!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Amazing, isn't it?

Are you the type of scrapper who's layouts all seem to look the same? I'm amazed sometimes at how different each page I do can be. I did 4 LO's this week (I know...I'm shocked too!) and I was uploading them and thinking about how they all have such a different feel.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making good use of some sick time!

Wow have I been sick this week. I truly thought I had pneumonia at one point. I was wrong thankfully but I sure was miserable. Thanks to my great doctor I am feeling much better (though still not good) now that I got an inhaler and some other prescriptions.

Anyway, my point is that I didn't have any energy to do anything around the house and I couldn't concentrate enough to design at all. So I tried to do a few layouts and I actually managed a few cute ones. So I figured I may as well show them off.

The first was using a kit that I got in a grab bag a while back and loved but never had the right picture for...until now :)

Template by Sya's Blueprints
Kit from Sweet Digi Scraps Grab Bag - Flowers a Go-Go
Alpha is from mglScraps Somewhere Else

The next was for the current "Scrappers Choice" Challenge at SUN.

Bountiful kit by Sherri Tierney
Bountiful Alpha
Bountiful Solids
Beaded Alpha and string from Britt-ish Designs Grab Bag
Date Slider is from Ellie Lash Barely Slidin By

And this one was just because this is cute is just WAY too cute not to scrap with!!!

Everything from Studio Flergs Awesome new Fairytale kit!

Seriously! Check this out! Is this awesome or what? (And BTW...visit Flergs blog for the girl dragon as a freebie!)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm IT.

Julie, being the wonderful friend that she is ... tagged me. After all...I did say I wanted to make sure and post more regularly!

Husband Tag…..

1. Where did you meet? On the bus in middle school *LOL*

2. How long did you date before you got married? 7 years to the day.

3. How long have you been married? 8 years and a month

4. What does he do that surprises you? It's amazing that no matter how many times I say something he forgets it in a matter of seconds.

5. What is your favorite feature of his? His eyes.

6. Does he have an annoying habit? Many actually...but to name one...he's a tapper. He has to be tapping his fingers, or a pen, or his feet, or whatever he can get his hands on. It's enough to drive a person nuts. Oh, I JUST have to mention that he is also a slurper....I can not be in the same room with him if he is eating soup or cereal...or drinking iced coffee for that matter.

7. What is your favorite quality of his? His work ethic. That man will work his fingers to the bone to make ends meet for his family.

8. Does he have a nickname for you? Dani. Hon.

9. What is his favorite color? Navy Blue.

10. What is his favorite food? Magic Cookie Bars

11. What is his favorite sport? He's not a big sports guy. But he used to be on a stock car racing team and he does like baseball.

12. When and where was your first kiss? In my driveway.

13. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Go to Disney World. WDW Rocks!

14. Do you have any children? Haven't you seen any of my LO's? I have 2 of the cutest kids you'll ever "meet".

15. Does he have a hidden talent? A hidden talent? Well, if he's HIDDEN!

16. How old is he? Nearly 33

17. Who said "I love you" first? Him. And I told him I was too young for that and don't say it again *LOL* I was 15!

18. What is his favorite type of music? He likes all kinds of music. Usually remix dance club type know, the stuff I hate *L*

19. What do you admire most about him? Didn't I basically already answer this one?

20. Do you think he will read this? Chances are slim to none.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm trying...

I'm trying to be a better blogger again. So far so good. Life was crazy but I think I'm back on track now. In fact, I made it to not one ... but TWO speed scraps yesterday! Yay, me! Two layouts in just a few hours. And one of them I love and the other I really like too :)

Here is the one I did at the SUN speed scrap hosted by none other than ME! *L*

Click for Credits

And this one I did at the ScrapMatters Speed Scrap hosted by my fellow Wonder Girl Jen.

Click for Credits

And with all the chaos I haven't even been telling you about all the cool things going on at SUN! Check out these awesome kits that were released.

And if you have never bought a SUN Collab then now is the time to start. These Collab kits are HUGE and always awesome. This months Collab is absolutely stunning!!! The preview, as gorgeous as it is, doesn't even come close to doing it justice! Click the preview to get a better look at this awesome kit...there are NINE detailed previews in the shop so you know what you are getting!