Monday, January 28, 2008

Not much but illness going on here ...

Not much to post seeing as my kids have been sick for a week. First it was my daughter and then my son got it and in his usual style, he took what was just a bad cold and turned it into a big deal. This poor kid gets sick all the time and it's never "just a sniffle" either. Grrr. So now he is on albuterol and prednisone and we are hoping he doesn't end up on Azithromycin too since his one ear was getting red but not yet infected. Hope to be back doing a few layouts soon.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Only missed one day this time *L*

I managed to make it back this time. I did miss a day but who can expect perfection when there isn't much to say. Chance are very high that not one soul has seen this blog but me anyway. Oh, well...gotta start somewhere. Hopefully someday I may even get good enough in PSP and confident enough in myself to try designing something. Now that I finally have a great camera I am also trying to work on my photography. I got a Nikon D40 for Christmas and really haven't been brave enough to do anything off of the auto settings yet. I am not usually a "manual reader" type person but I want to make sure I understand what I am doing to a certain extent before I go flipping a bunch of buttons that I don't know how to reset. So I have been reading "Digital DSLR camera's and photography for Dummies", I thought it was a good place to start. I am learning a lot but I am still finding exposure settings daunting. All the fractions and ratios make my head spin. I looked into a digital photography class at the local college but they offered what I need in the Fall and aren't doing it for Spring classes. My luck, right?

I did manage to do a page yesterday evening. I was cleaning up the house and had put a movie on for the kids. I peek in the livingroom to check on them and find them snuggled up together watching the movie on the couch. Damned if my heart didn't just melt. I love to see them getting along. They sure do their share of bickering over toys and such. I just had to snap a picture and could not resist the urge to scrap it after they went to bed.

The heart shape is actually a preset button shape with the holes filled in from "scrap-stuff-with-psp"
The other papers and elements all came from Raspberry Road's Strolling Along kit.
Fonts used are "4990810" (the stamped look) and "Bickley Script"

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm back

Jeez, I barely got started before I disappeared huh? Well, the holidays were crazy and I just realized taking on one more thing wasn't going to work. So lets try again shall we? I have been a busy woman since I last blogged. I have managed however to download tons of wonderful digital scrap kits and even pulled off a few layouts. I have been meaning to go back and start at the beginning for a while. I didn't really know much about digiscrapping when my daughter was born and although I loved the idea of paper scrapping (and even started one) it was just too much effort and mess. So now that I have discovered this awesome world of digital scrapping I am finally going back to scrap my daughters first years as well as the new stuff.

For today, and to get me off and running on this blog again...I'm going to post a few of them. Don't be too critical. I'm still learning : )

For this layout I used the Baby Logan Kit from Sue's Desk.
Except the frames, they are from Raspberry Road's Hearts Desire kit.

This one is kind of a mix and match layout.
Paper by Janniscrap (My Sweet baby boy kit)
Top Frame by Cafe Digi (Lifes Journey)
Bottom Frame by JenLin (Forget Me Nots - slightly recolorized)
Tag by Sues Desk (Baby Logan Kit)This one is all from the same kit. Finbar the Frog by CanDesigns (Mermaid's Haven)
I did use a preset shape to make the "flower" shapes but I believe it was one that came with PSP.

That's good for now, right? At least I remembered this blog existed : ) For anyone who may wonder, I make all of my layouts in PSP XI.