Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Alright, I'm back. Sorry to have neglected my blog but it's been a little hectic. I've been dealing with some emotional stuff on top of just being very busy in RL and the scrap world. But I wanted to pop in quick and let you know about Sunny Sunday and tell you that my kit Get in Gear is on sale for only $2 but today only.

Every Sunday SUN has a sale where everything in the Sunny Sunday section of the store is $2 or less...this week it includes my kit:

And btw...PDPlum is having a pretty great sale too!

Check out these 2 kits from PDPlum that you can pick up during this awesome sale...

The first is Ashlea Brooke, gorgeous huh? And if you pick this one up be sure to participate in the November QP Olympics since it's the featured kit.

And the second one is just plain awesome too....

And did you notice that second preview was a bit different? That's packaging to match the brand new look of SUN!